TA Suggestions and Concerns

TA Suggestions and Concerns

As a TA, you will have many thoughts and you will come across various situations. Some of these may include "I wish I had learned this to make my job easier," "How do I do this?," or "What do I do with these things?" Sometimes it could be "How do I handle students," "What do I do if I have a problem with a professor," or "Is there a safer way to do this?"

In order to, as a department, improve and address these thoughts and concerns, student workers like you need a method to anonymously make suggestions and voice any concerns.

All suggestions to improve hiring, training, and duties of a TA and any concerns are always welcome.

Please keep in mind that this form is not to be used to submit complaints regarding personality differences between you and students and faculty or personal feelings but concerns regarding the attitude, behavior, or professionalism of students and faculty.

All suggestions and concerns are directly submitted to and reviewed by the Lab Coordinator, Jamie Freeman. If you would like to address these in person, you may stop by LM 303A anytime.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not to submit a suggestion or concern, always feel free to submit as these will always be reviewed and addressed.

If you wish to stay anonymous, please mark the course and the professor. This will help in determining how to address suggestions and concerns.