Ask An Advisor

Ask An Advisor

Questions can be asked of any advisor by filling out the form below. If you have a question about a specific program, you can direct your question to a specific advisor. If you have a more general question or you do not know whom to ask, then you can choose not to direct it to a particular advisor. Any question about UCA or its programs is appropriate, so please ask. An advisor will answer your question either by phone or by e-mail. Please be sure to include a phone number and e-mail address when you post your question. If you are a current UCA student, replies will only be sent to your UCA cub account.

Please note, from 8/13/2014 to 8/27/2014, the Advising Center will be assisting students with scheduling during late registration. Please allow extended time for your response to your email.

Freshmen needing your schedule changed, starting August 13th through August 28th, will need to be handled in person in the Academic Advising Center.

All other classifications will need to contact the departments or their advisor.

If you need immediate assistance please contact your advisor or come to the Academic Advising Center in Harrin Hall.