UCA Safety Agreement (Soumana Daddy Gaoh)

UCA Safety Agreement (Soumana Daddy Gaoh)

Read the Agreement below and then check the agree box at the bottom.

Laboratory Safety Agreement
As a student at the University of Central Arkansas, I understand the importance of and agree to follow the following safety guidelines while in the chemistry laboratory:

I will make proper use of safety equipment
1. I will wear ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses or goggles at all times while in the lab except during pre-lab lecture or when my lab instructor informs me that it is safe to remove them.
2. I will know where safety equipment is located and how to use it, including the fume hoods, safety showers, eyewash stations, exits, fire blankets, and fire extinguishers.

I will prepare in advance for each lab activity
3. I will read and understand the lab before I come to class. I will complete any assigned pre-lab exercises before I come to lab.
4. I will inform my instructor prior to the first lab session if I have any particular allergy to a chemical or if I have a medical condition that might need to be considered while in the lab.
5. I will wear clothing that is conducive to lab work, making sure to wear shoes that cover my feet, to not wear loose sleeves, and to tie back any long hair.

I will work safely and efficiently when conducting experiments
6. I will not work by myself in the lab.
7. I will not perform unauthorized experiments.
8. I will follow all waste disposal procedures as outlined by my lab instructor. When in doubt about how to dispose of a particular chemical, I will ask my lab instructor.
9. I will wash my hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.
10. I will immediately report any injury, physical or chemical, to my lab instructor, no matter how minor it might seem at the time.
11. I will report any chemical spills to my instructor immediately.
12. I will avoid touching hot objects and will label hot objects as such to notify others.
13. I will make sure to read labels on reagent containers before I use them. Also, I will label all containers that I use while in the lab.
14. Generally, I will avoid inhaling fumes. I will use the fume hood when directed to do so. When I am directed to smell a gas, I will waft vapors toward me.
15. I will not eat or drink while in the lab.
16. I will not use tobacco products while in the lab.
18. I will report any glassware that is cracked or chipped to my instructor.
19. I will not taste any chemical while in the laboratory.
20. I will strive to maintain a clean lab, cleaning up any spills of liquids or solids, returning equipment and chemicals, and keeping common work areas (such as the balances and hoods) clean.
21. I will ask questions when I have them so as not to perform an unsafe experiment.
22. I will ensure nautral gas jets are turned off when I am finished with them.
23. I will dispose of broken glass in broken glass containers.
24. I will not put solids in the sink.
25. I will keep the laboratory bench free of purses, backpacks, etc.